The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees

The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees

           Source:  The New York Times


So much hand-wringing over such a simple proposition: When a financial professional gives you advice about the life savings in your retirement account, that person ought to act in your best interest.

It took several years for this so-called fiduciary rule to gain approval — firms are supposed to begin following the new rules in April — thanks to pushback from people in the financial services industry. And then, in the course of a week, we’ve seen President Trump tell the Labor Department to study this uncontroversial (and already much-studied) proposition, which he wants to upend. A few days later came a big loss for industry players who challenged the legitimacy of the rule in Texas, where a federal judge ruled against them.

But let’s put the focus back where it belongs: not on politics or the law, but on you. The best way to understand what the fiduciary debate is about — and to protect yourself — is to view this discussion through the lens of fees.

Every time you do business with people in the financial services industry, ask them this: How much money are you making, and what are the different ways you are making it? 

If only there were a simple answer to this question all of the time. All of this fiduciary wrangling got started in large part because there has rarely been a simple answer in many parts of the industry.  

“The fiduciary rule ultimately comes down to the fact that some people are making a lot of money at the expense of other people who have no idea how much their adviser is getting paid,”.... Read about all 21 questions to ask regarding investment fees.

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